Delegation visit from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

A delegation from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) headquarters, led by Ms. Mizuno Kelko (Senior Advisor, Education), Ms. Kodama Sara (Program Officer), and Ms. Shimizu Akiko (Evaluation Analyst), visited the Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE). They were accompanied by the JICA AQAL-II team in Pakistan, including Mr. Taiga Yano, Ms. Chiho Ohashi (Chief Advisor), and Mr. Abid Gill (Deputy Chief Advisor). 


During the visit, Mr. Shahid Soroya, Director General of PIE, and the institute's team provided a comprehensive briefing on the various roles and wings of PIE/NEMIS. Specifically, they highlighted the functionalities and progress of the Non-Formal Education Management Information System (NFEMIS) Cell based at PIE.

The meeting concluded with expressions of gratitude and acknowledgment, emphasizing the opportunity to reinforce the collaboration and strengthen the relationship between both entities.