The Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE) is an establishment as an "Attached/Executive Department." This significant milestone was achieved through the merger of two esteemed organizations, namely the Academy of Educational Planning & Management (AEPAM) and the National Education Assessment System (NEAS), as per the Cabinet Division's O.M. dated 3.12.2021.

AEPAM, an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Education, was founded in 1982 by a Resolution. Over the years, it garnered recognition as a reliable training institution for Education Managers, specializing in the areas of financial and administrative management for Secondary Schools and Higher Secondary Schools. In 2005, AEPAM was designated as a 'Subordinate Office' of the Ministry of Education. Subsequently, with the devolution of the Ministry of Education in 2011, AEPAM became an implicit 'Subordinate Office' of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, Government of Pakistan.

AEPAM played a vital role in the professional development of Education Managers, catering to the specific needs of various regions such as ICT, GB, AJK, FATA, Cantonments & Garrisons, and provinces. On a need basis, AEPAM provided rigorous training to over 10,000 Education Managers. Additionally, AEPAM strived diligently to offer high-quality education statistics, data, and research publications in the field of education.

In parallel, the National Education Assessment System (NEAS) was established at the national level in collaboration with Provincial and Area Assessment Centres. Originally initiated as a five-year development project in 2003, NEAS, along with its sister provincial and area education assessment organizations, received financial assistance from the World Bank and the Department for International Development (DfID). Recognizing its crucial role in the education system, NEAS was integrated into the regular framework of the education system before the conclusion of its project life. Prior to merging with PIE, NEAS operated as a subordinate office under the Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training.

The merger of AEPAM and NEAS marks a significant milestone in the formation of the Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE). This unified entity brings together the strengths and expertise of two reputable organizations, poised to serve the educational landscape with excellence and dedication.